Paz & Dave

In life, as in many other things, there are details that get you for good.  There are tons of things we will never forget about this couple, for instance, the way they look at each other.

Paz and Dave showed up in our former office for a quick visit. Arrived on a Tuesday to tell us they wanted to get married in Valencia although they currently live in Australia and that we only had three days to check and decide on a lot of details for their wedding day. They were soon departing for Australia and won’t be back until three weeks before the celebration.

We had only three days for them to decide at least, the venue to celebrate their love day. We had to reschedule our agenda and dedicate full time so our couple could go back to Australia with the homework done.

But they didn’t just go with the venue selected, Paz also found her wedding dress from Jesús Peiró in Valencia.

The remaining things and the rest of our communications were sorted out using our best allied in these cases, Skype! Time difference was not an issue. We were starting our day while they were putting an end to theirs. As someone I know used to say, our guys were living in the future.

Using Skype is how we got introduced to Siesta, their pet that was almost always present in our meetings. But all this time we got to know not only Siesta, but also this gorgeous couple. We fell in love with them and their beautiful story.

Paz and Dave´s first date took place attending a Coldplay´s concert. That is why the soundtrack for their animated video invitation was from them. Being able to watch in this little clip a little bit of their day to day was delightful.

Something very important for them was that all three relevant cultures in their lives were present, Valencia, Ireland and Australia. The color scheme contained different tones for green, orange and yellow.

Ceremony took place in El Puig Monastery. Paz´s bouquet was breathtaking. I still fall for it every time I see it. Many thanks to Flores Vendrell for all the beautiful things they prepared for that day. Chapeau!!

Cocktail area welcomed guests with a “You are now entering Paz & Dave´s wedding” sign. A live Irish music band, a Spanish Ham carver, a Guinness corner and an Irish snacks table courtesy of Dave´s parents, were all present for the cocktail.

An Australian continent shaped silhouette over a wooden structure was used as the seating plan. Tables were named after our couple´s favorite cities. For the graphic design we used watercolor oranges with their little green leaves so we could give a little Valencian touch and match with the venue surroundings.

Tables were decorated with green leaves garlands along the table, succulent plants, proteas and oranges. Each guest had a seat assigned by an orange with his/her name on it with a little Kraft paper flag. We tried to achieve a relaxed and rustic effect using wicker place mats and green napkins. For the table numbers we designed wooden diamonds as in the famous Australian street signs, so this way we got the yellow touch according to the color scheme we chose.

Since Paz and Dave live literally thousands of kilometers away from their loved ones and they missed their birthdays, they asked us for help so they could “celebrate” in a proper way. We order individual mini birthday cakes for them to present to their loved ones creating a very emotional and unexpected moment.

During lunch we experienced a very characteristic moment in Irish weddings. The speeches. Relatives stand up and grab the mike to share special, fun, emotional words with the couple and with the rest of their guests. Broke the ice Paz´s mom embracing this tradition and making us all shed a tear or two.

Weather forecast that week indicated high probability of rain so we went ahead and installed a tent. We decided to use the tent to accommodate a chill out area and the DJ booth for DJ Agus by Grupo Altius. We decorated the area with garland lights. Finally, it turned out to be a sunny day. Our couple and their guests deserved no less. A lot of them travelled from far to be with them so there was no better gift than the sun and light of Valencia and a day of joy.

As stated earlier, Paz and Dave gave us a lot and writing these lines we realized how beautiful it all was and above all, how beautifully we felt with them. You are very far away but we feel you right here. And you know what, we are thrilled to know that in less than a year, we are going to see each other again.

I would also like to acknowledge the work that my team put on, specially the leader of the team, Marina. That day she gave everything she got so our Romeos y Julietas could enjoy fully.

We leave you in good company with Keisy and Rocky pictures. We were so looking forward to work with them, it was a great experience. We are happy to cross paths again in 2017.


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